• Riki Solomon

    I casi di studio e i modelli dei documenti ci hanno “salvato”.
    After completing another comprehensive Importing course, which had a strong focus on product selection and overall strategy, I found I still had gaps in the operational detail and day to day know-how reality of importing. This forced me to look specifically for a course that filled the gaps and provided the necessary ‘real life’ detail needed to operationalise this business – the Starter Package by Chinaimportal provided just what I was looking for.

    I love the overall coherency of the course and how each module logically follows a systematized path which leads to an understandable outcome – the course not only provides a clear understanding of ‘how’, but more importantly the underlying reasons ‘why’! The case studies and templates are a lifesaver and provide invaluable knowledge for entrepreneurs or start-ups looking to stitch together a great understanding of importing. If mitigating operational risks in a business with multiple challenges is what you are looking for, you can’t go wrong investing in this course.