Compliance Consulting

Ensuring product compliance with mandatory safety standards and labeling requirements is critical when importing to the US, EU or Australia. We help you understand how to comply with safety standards and labeling requirements and document requirements when importing from Asia.

In addition, we also introduce you to an accredited product testing company, to verify that your products are compliant with relevant standards in your target market.

Price: US$479

Delivery: 10 – 14 Days

Receive: Compliance Report (PDF)

This is included in the report

  • Safety Standards (Overview)
  • Chemical Restrictions (Overview)
  • Labeling Requirements (Overview)
  • Documentation Requirements (Overview)
  • Product lab introduction

Download Presentation Slides (PDF)

Additional Information

I need help launching a product from start to finish. Is this the right service package?

This is a stand-alone service package primarily designed for established businesses already importing products from Asia. If you are launching a new business and/or product, we recommend that you consider our Starter Package instead.

Product Categories

This service is currently only available for the following product categories:

a. Apparel & Textiles
b. Watches
c. Jewelry & Accessories
d. Kitchen Utensils
e. Children’s Products

For example, the following product categories are not covered:

a. Electronics
b. Food & Supplements
c. Furniture
d. Cosmetics


This service is currently only available for the following countries/markets:

a. United States
b. European Union member states
c. Australia

Addtional costs

This service fee only includes the service performed by us. We don’t include the following:

a. Lab testing
b. Label files
c. Documents


1. Product safety standards, labeling, and documentation requirements are subject to frequent changes and interpretation by the customs authorities, market surveillance agencies and marketplaces (e.g. We cannot guarantee that the information in this report is accurate or up to date.

2. We research relevant product safety standards, labeling, and documentation requirements using official sources (e.g. government websites) and trusted partners, according to our best capacity. That said, this service shall not be seen as an insurance policy.

3. Notice that we don’t cover losses due to forced recalls, delays or other situations caused by the importation of non-compliant products. We don’t offer qualified legal advice.


+ After your order: We will contact you to request product details
+ Delivery time: 10 – 14 days
+ What you get: Compliance Report (PDF)