Order Negotiation

About to place an order with your supplier? We help you prepare and negotiate quality and testing terms, defective product terms, shipping terms, payment terms, delivery terms and more, directly with your supplier.

The goal is to standardize the order terms sheet that prevents quality issues and delays, while also establishing a standardized framework covering how to manage shipments and payments.

Price: US$479

Delivery: 7 – 14 Days

Receive: Order Term Sheet (PDF)

This is included in the report

  • Payment terms
  • Shipping terms
  • Late delivery terms
  • Quality control terms
  • Accepted defect rate
  • Order process

Download Presentation Slides (PDF)

Additional Information

I need help launching a product from start to finish. Is this the right service package?

This is a stand-alone service package primarily designed for established businesses already importing products from Asia. If you are launching a new business and/or product, we recommend that you consider our Starter Package instead.

What’s the purpose of having an order term sheet?

Quality issues (e.g. defective products, incorrect colors or design) are in most cases caused by misunderstandings between the supplier and buyer. As such, we focus on preventing such misunderstandings by clearly defining the product quality in writing.

In addition, we also establish a clear framework covering payment terms, shipping terms, late delivery terms, quality, and testing terms. If the supplier understands both the product quality requirements, and that you intend to check up on the goods before the shipment, they are far more likely to deliver a high-quality product.

In addition, the order term sheet also streamlines the order process as a whole, as clear shipping, and payment terms eliminate the need to renegotiate and reconfirm order terms each time you plan to re-stock on products.

Is this document only valid for one order?

No, we generally specify a validity of 5 years. As such, you can use this document for all future orders from the supplier.

What do you need from us before we can start?

We need the following information:

a. Company name
b. Website / Alibaba page
c. Contact person (if any)
d. Product Documentation
e. Preferred shipping option
f. List of applicable product regulations / standards (if any)
g. Destination country

What other costs should I be aware of?

DHL and FedEx charge around US$40 to deliver the documents from the supplier to your address. This cost is not included in our service fee, as it only covers the service performed by us.

When should I order this service?

We recommend that you order this service at least 3 weeks before you intend to place your first order.


1. We prepare the order terms and send to you for review and approval

2. We contact your supplier to confirm and negotiate the order terms

3. Once the order terms are confirmed, the supplier signs and stamps each page

4. Scan copies delivered for review

5. Once the scan copies are approved, the supplier sends the documents to our office in Hong Kong for a final review

6. We deliver the documents from Hong Kong to your address


1. While an order term sheet is generally an effective method to prevent quality issues, delays, and general misunderstandings, the order term sheet shall not be seen as an insurance policy or quality guarantee.

2. The order terms sheet is not a substitute or replacement for a pre-shipment quality inspection or lab test. We strongly recommend that you always book quality inspections and lab tests when importing goods from Asia. That said, the order term sheet can function as the foundation of your quality assurance and compliance process.

3. Don’t assume that the order terms sheet offers any meaningful IP protection. The order terms sheet is not a replacement or substitute for trademark registration, design or utility patent.


+ After your order: We will contact you to request supplier details
+ Delivery time: 10 – 14 days
+ What you get: Order Term Sheet (PDF)