Sourcing & RFQ

Finding suppliers on or at a trade show is not difficult. However, contacting several suppliers to gather accurate information on pricing, materials, MOQs and sample costs is both time consuming and frustrating.

We can handle this process for you and wrap everything up in an easy to understand RFQ Report (PDF). You can either send us a list of suppliers you want us to contact, or we’ll match 12 suitable suppliers for you – based on our selection criteria.

Price: 499 Euro
Delivery: 10 – 14 Days

Receive: RFQ Report (PDF)

This is included in the report

  • Supplier List (6 to 8)
  • Contact Details
  • Product pricing
  • MOQ Requirement
  • Payment terms
  • Product sample details

Download Sample Report (PDF)

Additional Information

I need help launching a product from start to finish. Is this the right service package?

This is a stand-alone service package primarily designed for established businesses already importing products from Asia. If you are launching a new business and/or product, we recommend that you consider our Starter Package instead.

Why should I pay you to handle Sourcing & RFQ?

Finding suppliers on or at the Canton Fair is not difficult. That said, contacting multiple suppliers to explain your product requirements and requesting information on prices, minimum order quantity requirements, production times, prototyping costs, materials, and payment terms is very time-consuming.

Including regular follow-ups, this process can easily take up to 15 hours. As such, the primary benefit of this service package is the time you can save, and the fact that the information we present is often more accurate than quotations you’d otherwise receive from a supplier.

Instead, we offer a solution where you give us a supplier list while you can sit back and focus on running your business. After 2 weeks, we deliver a report with all the supplier information presented in an easy to understand overview.

Supplier List

We can either source suppliers, using our own selection criteria, or contact suppliers you have already identified yourself. Please provide the following information for each supplier you wish to include your own supplier list in the process:

a. Company name

b. Website / Alibaba page

c. Contact person (if any)

d. Product SKU (if any)


1. We identify 12 to 25 suppliers and/or list suppliers provided by you

2. We contact all suppliers to request pricing data and other information

3. We gather pricing data and other information

4. Internal report review (approved or rejected)

5. Price Report (PDF) delivered


1. Your product specifications will be shared with the suppliers that you want pricing data from. Notice that we don’t offer any compensation or insurance in case of IP (i.e., design or brand) theft by any supplier or other parties.

2. There is no guarantee that all suppliers we identify / you provide will offer quotations, as some may not be qualified or even interested.

3. All communication with the suppliers (e.g. product sample orders) is managed by the customer. We don’t act as a representative, translator or buying agent in any capacity once the report is delivered.

4. The price research can either be based on a custom designed product (OEM) or private label products (ODM).


  1. After your order: We will contact you to request supplier details
  2. Delivery time: 7 – 14 days
  3. What you get: Price Research Report (PDF) + Attachments